Make up to $22/hour Teaching Online with VIPKID

We have been hearing a lot about VIPKID and we had to see if this is a legitimate work-from-home opportunity. After our research, we are happy to tell you that this is a genuine company to work with remotely!

What is VIPKID? 🧐

VIPKID is an online-based educational company. It is headquartered in China but they recruit North American teachers to provide English lessons to students in China. This company has been recognized by Forbes as the #1 Work-From-Home company. When it comes to their mission, VIPKID states the following:

“Our mission is to provide Chinese students with the North American elementary education experience from the comfort of their homes. We do this through a unique curriculum that combines EFL teaching best practices with the U.S. Common Core State Standards – fostering creativity, critical thinking, and curiosity for our hundreds of thousands of learners.”

What are the requirements to work for VIPKID? 🔐

  • A Bachelor’s degree (in any field)
  • At least one year of teaching experience (any type of teaching/tutoring)
  • Quite home environment
  • Eligibility to work in the U.S. or Canada

What are the benefits of working for VIPKID? ✨

  • Flexible schedule (work as much or as little as you want)
  • Competitive pay (up to $22 per hour)
  • An awesome teacher community to interact with

What is the Sign-Up Process Like? 📝

There are a few steps to take to get a job with VIPKID. Check them out below!

  1. Fill out basic information
  2. 10-Min teaching sample – (virtual interview or recorded)
  3. Introduction to Teaching (usually 2-3 hours)
  4. Participate in a mock class (usually 2-4 hours)
  5. Contract signing
  6. Start teaching!

Do I Have to Plan any Lessons? 📚

No! All lessons are prepared for you. You don’t even have to grade any assignments!

Your Home Classroom Setup 🏡

This may be the most fun part when setting yourself up to be a successful teacher with VIPKID. There are so many creative ways that you can set up your home classroom. Check out the example below of a VIPKID teacher’s home setup.

Do Some More Research 💡

Still have questions about working with VIPKID? Check out these helpful options!

In Closing 🤗

VIPKID is a legit company to work for remotely. This home-based position is a great opportunity for you if you enjoy teaching even if you don’t have an education degree. If you would like to apply, you can do so by clicking here.

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